Monday, June 15, 2009

Can I under-size that please??

We spent all day yesterday at home getting adjusted. Maggie and Noah were both feeling a little under the weather from all the travel, but feel much better today. The villa is fantastic!! Here is a link to the advertisement for the villa, but we'll be posting more pictures as we go.
Words can't describe the surrounding scenery. It looks like a postcard for Tuscany on every side and the sunsets are amazing!!

The kids are really enjoying the pool in the back yard and chasing after the local lizards. This morning, Bridget and I went to the local market in San Casciano that takes place on Monday mornings. It's more like a flea market than a produce market - selling everything from underwear to dress shirts, toiletries to leather purses. We were able to pick up some fresh fish and veggies, but most importantly - enjoy the local culture.

We made another trip to the grocery store to pick up a few things we missed the other day. I am amazed at how small everything is in Italy. It doesn't exactly make it easy for a family of our stuture to go shopping. I wasn't expecting to go down the road to Costco (my favorite store) and buy things in bulk, but come on - can I just buy a quart of milk? I'm not even asking for a gallon.....just a quart!! If we 'super-size' everything in America, then they 'under-size' everything over here!


  1. I just read all the posts and love, love, love the updates. Keep them coming. Glad to hear you are there safe and sound and loving your new digs. Eat some gelato for the big guy.

  2. I can see you searching behind the pints of milk for the larger sizes, even sticking your big ole' head into the cooler case to see if there are more in back or behind.

    Blend? Ha! You're giant,blonde people with many, many, many wee ones, no blending going on for you. :)

    Love all the updates and post pictures soon! The house looks luverly!

  3. Can't wait for more updates and pictures! Hope all is well!

  4. Glad you are enjoying the culture, sounds so funny to here you are trying to blend.LOL.

  5. JASON and BRIDGE:

    I am LMAO at your blog posts and at the thought of you trying to blend in Italy. A land devoid of children (low birth rate) and GOD. No clocks on the walls at the villa I am sure. Jason must be triangulating with the sun and stars to try and figure out what time of day it is(did he bring a watch?) you've found 2 of MY 3 secret pleasures in Italy: pizza in Florence and Gelato(the third shall remain a secret for now but i will whisper it in Jason's ear when he returns)!....if you get sidetracked, or can work it into your schedule, go to Sienna, a town that is an hour south of you...BUT then again, you have the island of Elba and city of Milan in your schedule sooooo how can anything else compete!
    I said it to you when we were having lunch at the greek restaurant in Chicago "watch out for the scooters or mopeds"....cause chances are you WILL get hit by a mad raging scooter before you get run over by a car (if you are unlucky, both back to back and in the same day). SIDENOTE: the pickpockets in Rome travel on scooters so they can grab your purses and cameras and make a quick getaway....not sure if you are going to Rome, but i think i just killed that part of the itinerary. LOTS OF LOVE - Joe C.